Requirements & Planning

Kitty Hawk has extensive experience in  developing, analyzing, and decomposing system level capabilities and specifications into testable measures of performance. We execute detailed test design planning by linking these measures of performance to test objectives/requirements and evaluation criteria through LVC testing.


Kitty Hawk assists our partners in mission/resource coordination, planning, and execution tests utilizing our expertise in  digital and hardware-in-the-loop modeling and simulations. Kitty Hawk develops critical products that including integrated master test schedules, pre-mission performance predictive analyses, data collection and evaluation plans, integrated data management and handling plans, and readiness reviews for the systems under test and test resource participants.


Kitty Hawk supports the development of launch commit criteria; preparation, rehearsal and execution of detailed event count down procedures; readiness verification of all systems under test; and readiness verification of range safety systems and procedures. Our hardware-in-the-loop evaluation support involves laboratories, live participants, and communication assets in configurations that closely match actual shipboard, aircraft and land-based participants.

Analysis & Reporting

Kitty Hawk’s T&E support recognizes the critical link between modeling and simulation performance predictions, test event data and the comparison of actual results to predictions. Kitty Hawk supports collection and analysis of recorded test data and test observations to develop initial “quick look” analyses, identify phenomenology that require post-test analysis, and mapping test results to the evaluation criteria to determine the degree to which the test has satisfied its criteria.