Kitty Hawk Technologies specializes in Mission Level, Systems of Systems (SoS), and Element/Component level modeling of Department of Defense platforms. Kitty Hawk approaches Modeling & Simulation(M&S) engineering with an emphasis on Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and the Systems Engineering V model. Our specialized focus areas in Modeling and Simulation include:

Mission Engineering

Kitty Hawk Technologies utilizes system of systems engineering practices to understand, model, analyze, architect, design and manage complex missions as end-to-end mission threads against today and future threats. We specialize in using M&S to develop concept of operations and mission architectures for development, integration, interoperability, and validation of system-of-systems mission capabilities.

Model Based Systems Engineering

Kitty Hawk Technologies specializes in digital engineering while using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) as a practice of developing related system models to define, design, and document a system under development. Kitty Hawk Technologies uses MBSE as an efficient way to explore, update, and communicate system aspects to key stakeholders while significantly reducing or eliminating dependency on traditional documents.

Verification & Validation

A Kitty Hawk Technologies core competency is using cutting edge verification and validation (V&V) practices and techniques to build pedigree and confidence in M&S to ensure that it meets the needs of the intended use of the stakeholders. Our V&V activities assist customers in reducing development and operational risk of M&S, building M&S credibility, and achieving accreditation for the intended use when applicable.