Kitty Hawk Technologies specializes in traditional and agile Systems Engineering practices and processes with an emphasis on developing, tracing, allocating, and verifying stakeholder requirements to meet the needs of our customers. Our specialized focus areas in Systems Engineering include:

Systems Engineering V Model

As required, Kitty Hawk  employs the traditional systems engineering V-model to provide rigorous acquisition lifecycle systems management and development support. This approach allows us to provide our customers with accurate requirements management through the entire systems lifecycle.

Agile Approach

Kitty Hawk focuses on agile systems engineering practices that  enable faster and more efficient capability deliveries. Our significant experience with Model Based Systems Engineering allows us to concentrate on proactive integration among enterprise architectures, platform architectures, and related development efforts. Kitty Hawk works to find the right balance between structure and the flexibility necessary to deliver usable capability aligned with user needs.

Modeling & Simulation

Kitty Hawk provides advanced Modeling and Simulation Engineering solutions for complex problems. We specialize in Element/Component level, Mission level, and Systems of Systems (SoS) modeling of Department of Defense and Department of Navy platforms. Kitty Hawk implements M&S engineering with an emphasis on MBSE to verify and validate systems requirements. Our specialized focus areas in Modeling and Simulation include: Mission Engineering, Mission Analysis, MBSE, and Verification and Validation (V&V).