Job Description

Kitty Hawk Technologies, a growing service, technology, and manufacturing innovator, is seeking talented and motivated professionals to deliver lean and effective solutions to our government and industry partners. We have an immediate opening for a Chief Engineer with our Hypersonic Environment team. This position will provide an opportunity to develop the innovative technology that supports some of our nation’s most important defense initiatives. In addition to receiving a competitive salary and health benefits, the Chief Engineer will join a motivated, talented, and technically accomplished team. The employee will also enjoy a flexible work environment where contributions are recognized and rewarded. Candidates must be results oriented and have the ability to work in a well-organized, logical and systematic manner. They will set clear objectives, monitor progress, take corrective action, and control performance levels to maintain high internal customer satisfaction. They will possess deep insight into customer requirements and will maintain the ability to ethically influence those requirements. They will be able to clearly define and clearly articulate compelling solutions and will require an ability to quickly assimilate and apply complex technical information.

Kitty Hawk Technologies is seeking a senior team member to oversee all aspects of software development for our weather effects team including, but not limited to: modeling and simulation development, user interfaces, pre-and post-processors. This work requires experience in multiple development languages for scientific computing, operating systems, and knowledge of accreditation tools and processes for integrating on DoD networks. Knowledge and experience in the develop of applications for ground test and flight test tools for high speed systems is required. Candidate will be responsible for oversight and approval of all aspects of the Hypersonic Environment team development activities, assign tasks, set short and long term goals for team members, provide guidance and mentorship, and communicate status to leadership. The Chief Engineer will be responsible for ensuring reduced risk, timely delivery, and minimal cost is executing projects. Candidate should be up to date on cutting edge technologies, have a good working knowledge of object-oriented programming, design patterns, data structures, and modern scientific programming languages and libraries. Candidate will be expected to provide oversight support on all phases of the software engineering life cycle including developing requirements from customer input.


Candidate requirements are:
-25+ years of experience of relevant experience in software development and design for engineering applications
- Fundamental understanding of high speed weather effects
- Minimum of 10 years leading technical team members
- Experience interacting with leadership on the execution and delivery of products to the government
- Fundamental understanding of mathematical and physics concepts
- Knowledge of development on Windows and Linux platforms
- Demonstrated familiarity with object-oriented programming
- Knowledge of software version control tools
- Experience with ground test facilities and model validation
- Understanding of software integration requirements to support government customers
- Understanding of ground test requirements as well and modeling and simulation tools
- Knowledge of technology and logistics gaps in providing warfighter products
- Good written and oral communication skills
- Demonstrated ability to work with teams and independently as the need arises

Other knowledge desired but not required:
- Knowledge of visualization tools for scientific computing
- Parallel programming
- Graphical user interface development
- General knowledge of uncertainty and statistical methods
- Agile software development
- Experience generating technical reports and presentations

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