Kitty Hawk Technologies provides solutions for design support, manufacturing, testing, characterization of high performance, additively manufactured and advanced composite materials for applications in energy, defense and aerospace/aviation industries. Our specialized focus areas include:

Materials & Applications Development

including the evaluation and selection of materials through multi-scale modeling and simulation to accelerate selection and insertion of advanced materials, materials at risk and alternate processes as additively manufactured to deploy materials faster, and at lower cost.

Development of Mechanical & Thermal Test Methods

for materials characterization and Non-Destructive Evaluation, also known as Non-Destructive Testing, and test methods for final part analysis.

Manufacturing Process Optimization

solutions to scale-up manufacturing processes of advanced materials; specifically, high temperature materials and high-performance composites for defense and aerospace applications.

Failure Analysis, Materials Testing, & Characterization

through analytical root cause analysis and testing, as well as through use of computational Finite Element Analysis for analysis of thermal and mechanical stresses of parts. Kitty Hawk also provides solutions that will ensure performance of final parts equal geometry optimization for light weight parts.